Top Drones Choices That Are Worth the Money

Technology is quickly taking over the world and it has made us able to reach the horizons that were not able without it. There have been many technological devices introduced in the last few years but the drones have grabbed the most attention.

They have the best quality camera and the flying ability that will provide you the chance to take some of the most dangerous shots. If you are planning to buy the drones here we have the list of the top drones are worth the money.


DJI Phantom 3

It has been recently released by the DJI and the product has grabbed the attention of the technology lovers. The biggest attraction of the product is the affordable price and outstanding quality. It has set the standards high for the other rivals.

It has the 3-axis gimbal properly integrated camera for the effective stabilization. You can shoot 2.7K videos and capture 12 MP photos. It has been manufactured with the easy to fly technology and the latest high-tech features that will make it easier to control so that you can fly it safely.

In order to provide you the best control over the drone, it has been manufactured with the auto-hover technology. It will allow you to set the position as well as the altitudes when you release the controls. The drone will stay in the air and wait for the instructions. Connect it with the live GPS to track the drone all the times. Press a button and the drone will easily come back to you. It would not be wrong to say that the drone has been constructed for the beginners but its safety features are attracting the professionals as well.

  • For troubleshooting, you will get the manual with all the instructions
  • For more concentration, you can use the GPS assisted flight features
  • It has the intelligent battery that will allow you to fly the drone for 25 minutes
  • Radio controller, 8 GB memory card, 2 propeller set and battery is included

DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 lives up to the hype. It has been developed with the latest obstacle avoidance features that will help you to avoid all types obstacles including trees and power lines. It has the latest follow me mode that will keep the drone always with you.

It has the improved speed and the flight time is 28 minutes. You can have the drone follow you everywhere you go with perfection. If you want to capture the actions like mountain biking, surfing and skiing then it would be a reliable choice.

You can easily capture the 4K videos at the 30fps and it has the 3 axis gimbal camera with enhanced smoothness and stability. The camera will capture the seamless tracking shots and it can easily fly around the obstacles.

  • Developed with the auto take off and auto return technology
  • It has the DJI director software and the video editor for best quality videos
  • For the crisp and clear images, it has the f/2.8 lens
  • Capture amazing images with the stabilization technology

DJI Mavic Pro

In the drone industry, it is the game changer. It is smaller and gets even small when folded but has all the features that you might have been looking for. It can reach the size of the water bottle when folded and will enhance stability. It has the ability to shoot remarkable footage. The shooting time of the product is 27 minutes.

You might be concerned about the price of the product but compared with the features it meets the standards. It has a unique and attractive look. It has been developed with the obstacle avoidance technology that will keep the drone safe. You can also use the gesture based control to ensure that the drone will not hit any kind of trees or wires.

It has the responsive technology that will allow you to control it with the movements. In case you find it too responsive, you can change the settings. It has the 3 axis gimbal camera that will allow you to shoot 4K videos and the 12 MP photos.

It has the latest obstacle avoidance technology. It will automatically stay away from all the obstacles and you will not have to control it while flying over the trees or the one with wires. It will make the video shooting effortless with the flytap and active track technology to give you reliable results.

  • Compact size and design will allow you to take it everywhere
  • It can fly up to 40 mph
  • It has been developed with the precise positioning technology

Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter

Yuneec has the best reputation for shooting some of the best videos and smooth images and their US based customer support is very responsive. Yuneec Typhoon has been developed with the latest technology that will make every flight easy and interesting. It will provide you the chance to meet different flying challenges.

The drone has been manufactured with the latest follow me technology that will make the drone follow you everywhere you go. The fly zone database has not been integrated. It has the 5.5 inches touch screen and the real time feed from the camera and Personal Ground Station.

The Yuneec Typhoon will allow you to shoot the 1080p full HD videos and 16 MP photos. It has the stabilizing 3 axis gimbal. You will get the entire information regarding the place of the drone with the help of installed transmitters.

  • Developed with the 3 different flight mode Home, Angle, and Smart
  • Personal ground station and transmitters
  • Developed with CGO steady grip technology
  • Easy access to the database

Bottom line

It is important that you buy the drones that meet your requirements and budget perfectly. Select the best retailer for the drone so that you will get the original products. Ensure that you make the right choice at the right time. And you need to note about drone safety.

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